So, as I approached 40, I guess I really started to think about where I was going in life. Typical mid-life crisis. The boy is all grown up and where are you at ??
~You 40 year old Mother of a Boy-Man??

I use this Blog purely to express my creative side a little bit, and to explore my thoughts and feelings. It’s been a bit hit and miss – I have periods where it feels really necessary and then big chunks of time where I write nothing at all. 45 years old now and things have definitely changed for me. I left the desk job, became a full time personal trainer, sports massage therapist and Yoga instructor. None of this happened overnight, it took a long time to get here, but somehow I managed it. I make a living out of it. Survived Covid restrictions, now just beginning to navigate ourselves through the potential recession.

My personal fitness journey is a big part of my journey with mental health, but I still find one a lot easier to talk about than the other. I have suffered all my adult life with depression. It’s mostly managed these days, but sometimes it still isn’t managed very well at all… Sometimes I don’t manage very well at all.

Sometimes I’m sober and I talk about that too. Sometimes I’m not.

And so, here I am. This is me.