So, as I approached 40, I guess I really started to think about where I was going in life. Typical mid-life crisis. The boy is all grown up and where are you at ??
~You 40 year old Mother of a Boy-Man??
I feel that my creative side has been deprived of attention and my loverly other half currently has a serious desire for my skills.. [and I don’t mean in the bedroom or the kitchen #housebitch]
So, I have made the leap to make some changes. These will be gradual, as I am relatively scared of jumping too far without complete confidence in the Universal Net (bills to pay, etc.), however, it’s pretty much all happening now.. as one by one the dreams start to become reality.
Part 1; I love to write, and I have a lot to say, but don’t always feel that the business (JDW Fitness) is the platform to do this. I want to talk about my journey with depression, anxiety, fitness, spirituality and how I’ve got to 40 being still as confused a girl as I was at 16.

My fitness journey is a big part of my journey with mental health, but I still find one a lot easier to talk about than the other.
And so, here I am. This is just the beginning…